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The “R’s” Have it - Rona/Rod

The Sawdust Gang Reads at RailRoad

Jennifer Pederson, natalie hanna & Liam Burke

Sunday, 2:30 PM, 2 October 2016

at Pressed

750 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa

Jennifer Pederson is an Ottawa grandmother, music teacher, and poet. She is an autodidact whose poetry has appeared in In/Words Magazine and online at Bywords.ca. She directs the Sawdust Reading Series and is currently working on her first chapbook manuscript.

natalie hanna is an Ottawa lawyer of Middle-Eastern descent. She is the Administrative Director of the Sawdust Reading Series, runs battleaxe press, and serves on the board of Arc Poetry Magazine. She is the author of eight chapbooks, and has appeared with above/ground, In/Words, phafours, and Hussy.

Liam Burke is the Assistant Director of the Sawdust Reading Series. His first chapbook, dry right up, was published by in/words. He was supposed to be at work today. He might be a druid.